Everything you must know about Thai Traditional Ceremony

These days, many couples prefer to have a simple and decent wedding which means helding two main functions throughout the day. For instance, the wedding ceremony will be done in the morning and the reception will be done by the evening. Therefore, we have listed the flow of event as follows.

●       Buddhist blessing and merit making

●       Khan maak procession

●       Gate ceremony (Silver gate & Golden gate)

●       Presenting the Sinsod (Dowry)

●       Engagement ceremony

●       Pay respect to elders

●       Shell ceremony : ‘Rod nam sang’ water pouring ceremony

Even Though, the morning ceremony has a shorter process then the whole day ceremony which included the reception as well. Nevertheless, there are many parts of concern for the morning ceremony. For example, the equipment set up, the selection of menus of the monks, and the seating arrangement for the guests. Since it is a morning function the couples already have the time constraint. Hence, the couples can have a service provider that is expertise in the Thai Traditional ceremony as a support in order to run the event smoothly.

●       No need to go through the selection of an auspicious menu.

●       No need to worry about the snacks and dessert selection.

●       No time constraint.

●       No need to buy any additional equipment or cutlery for the guests.

●       The couple would spare more time for any other auspicious ceremony.

Impact catering has outside catering and wedding planning service both for Thai Traditional ceremony and The reception. We have an expertise team who have lots of experience in planning various types of weddings. Therefore, we understand and ready to assist the couples in order to execute the wedding that they have been dreaming for their special day.

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