Holding the seminar for a team or in the organization

Training and seminar are one of the platforms that the organization choose to develop the human resources. Therefore, no matter whether there is a small, middle, or big organization, it would benefit employees to exchange knowledge and develop themselves. Let’s check out how to plan for the seminar like a professional.

– Select the date

When you have decided on the event, you’ll set auspicious days and look for an important event venue.

– Attendees

We suggested not to fix the number of attendees since there should be room for spare attendees. If it is a big organization, then organizer can certainly have an extra spare number of attendees.

We would suggest having at least 10-15 spare attendees if there is a limited budget, then we would recommend informing each department to give the fixed list of attendees. Most importantly, the organizer should always follow up the update of a number of attendees to have a proper arrangement accordingly.

– Budget planning

The best way to develop a budget plan is to list the most crucial factor needed in the event. If there is any unnecessary factor, then we can simply cut those budgets.

– Selecting a Venue

The core of the event is the venue, so the organizer should select the most suitable venue for the function and the attendees. There should be enough facilities to support the requirements. Especially if it is a small workshop, then the venue should be close to the parking lots. The coffee break and snacks should be available since these factors are vital to attracting the attendees.

– Select the catering service

There is a coffee break in the function where there will be coffee, tea, refreshments, and snacks. Moreover, there should be a snack box available as well in some functions.

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