Update on popular wedding catering options

Nowadays, wedding reception styles are much more varied to keep up with constantly changing trends and cater for the needs of today’s brides and grooms. Let’s check out the currently popular catering options for weddings. 

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Chinese banquet

Chinese banquet is one of the popular wedding catering options for many eras, and there are many wedding caterers to choose from these days. It suits best for a wedding with a large number of guests, but it takes time to plan the seating arrangement. Food will be served in set; each set comprises an array of 9-10 dishes including both savory dishes and desserts which will be served directly at guest’s table. 


For this catering style, guests will serve themselves from the buffet table or food stations and enjoy the food at their seats. Sometimes wedding caterers will arrange tables to facilitate senior guests that may not be able to walk comfortably. The benefit of a buffet is that the catering menus are quite diverse so guests can choose what they want to eat.  

Cocktail reception

This one is favorable for young brides and grooms due to its capacity of numerous guests. Guests can select food of their preferred choice from a wide array of delicious dishes at the provided spot, serve themselves and enjoy the food at their seats which are specifically assigned for them. However, it might be inconvenient for senior guests who may feel discomfort when standing for too long. So, it is better to specify the certain number of senior guests to make sure that they are provided with proper seating.  

Sit-down dinner 

Sit-down dinner is one of the popular options that brides and grooms opt for. However, this option is quite formal because every guest will have their own seat. The bride and groom will decide and assign guests to certain seats. Guests will remain seated for the meal as catering staff will be there to serve food at their tables right away. The limitation of this type of party is that it cannot take up many guests. 

Don’t forget about the after party!

In the present day, most weddings will be followed by the after party which several wedding caterers usually support this type of party as well. Usually, this is the casual party with the purpose to celebrate the bride and groom among their close friends. The guests attending the party will be 50% fewer than the ones attending the wedding reception. The food served at the party is mostly snacks and alcoholic beverages. Therefore, if any bride and groom want to arrange the after party, don’t forget to inform the caterer so that they can provide the right amount of food and beverages for guests. 

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