Wedding, an event of your dreams. A special once in a life-time event for every person, it was claimed to be a very important and sentimental issues to the lovers. Once you select your perfect venue, there are plenty things need to be done on the schedule. Especially, the couples who want to hold their wedding at home or in the private location and seek for the different expressions beside from luxury scent of hotel based wedding, they also have to work harder on searching for the foods and beverages services which the venue may not be able to offer the most suitable menu to fit their uniqueness.  Selecting a reliable catering service will be a good solution for reducing anxiety and allow the couples to put all efforts to other details.

Impact Catering, pleased to offers an extra-ordinary catering services to assist the couples to complete their perfect wedding preparations. By letting us do our job, the couple can make sure all guests will dine on the same taste and same quality as every large event which had hold in the Impact Muang Thong Thani. A reputation of good services and ISO22000 can be guaranteed to ours excellent service and hygiene awareness. Let’s our team flow the event ,make your love smooth, worry-free and top-up the happiness to your perfect moment.

Last But Not Least. Impact Catering is a professional catering services serve to all occasion from a small family gathering to a huge festive event. Our service are included but not limited to buffets, cocktails, coffee breaks, Western Serves, Chinese Set, Thai Set and etc. Beside from foods, Impact is also provides Thai traditional ceremonies and Buddhist Ceremonies Management with full-option equipment available for you to rent.

Type of Cuisine

Chinese Set : Chinese Set is suitable for the event holding in venues with sufficient space. Majority of guests are come together as a group, and comfortable to share the same set of foods. The advantage of having Chinese set is that a ready-to-help waitress available to service at all times.

Impact Catering’s Chinese Sets can be adjusted to each specific preferences, whether the client want them to be an authentic Chinese, Chinese fusion, Thai-Chinese Mixed or other premium special requirements.

Cocktail : Cocktail is suitable for the event that require agility with small numbers of elderly guests but mainly friends or relatives with the same generations. In this case several small tables can be prepared to accommodate in one area of the event.  In particular, cocktail party is suitable for the event that cannot determine the exact number of guests.

Buffet : Buffet is the most popular selection among our service as the result of high flexibility and less limitation. Guests are free to choose their favorite food. In addition, decoration of the buffet line can also decorate to match with the theme of the wedding. Impact Catering offers variety of buffets including the additional food stalls such as noodles stall, Thai Papaya Salad stall, Dim Sum Stall and etc.

Western Set : Western Set or sometimes called as “Full-course dinner” or “sit-down dinner”, the foods are individually served consecutively from a starter, to a dessert and contains from 5 to 16 courses a meal. This dining etiquettes is usually used in the formal dinner which gives more exclusive atmosphere. Even the event hold in a venue with limited space can also serve western set. Once the guest sat at their seat, there will be a waitress who serve and bring foods to each individual.  Obviously, the couple who organized and plan their wedding party as the sit-down dinner usually pay strong attention to the details of seating and decorations of the dining table as well as food design and its appearance because after the guest sat into their seat, they will spend majority of time for talking and socially on their own table.  The advantage of holding the event with western set served is that the organizer would be able to control the queue of the ceremony and the atmosphere of the event. The organizer can pause serving food to draw attention to the ceremonies or special moments of the wedding such as during the aisle walk, wedding talks, blessing and toasting.

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