Corporate party

IMPACT  Catering

There are different types of corporate parties

such as;

  • Annual party
  • Festival party
  • Retirement party
  • Annual employees party
  • Job promotion party
  • Business matching party
  • Client appreciation party 

When it comes to throwing a party, what the company should consider to be the highlight is food and beverage to express care and attention for important guests. It is important to make certain that your guests will enjoy the taste, beauty, and quality of the food. This will make the party a memorable one and help impress potential clients during a business matching session so that you can build on your business.

IMPACT Catering specializes in catering for all types of events with extensive experience in handling more than 1,000 events held at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani that hosted both domestic and international attendees. We guarantee the excellent taste and safety of food, convenience, and expert service.

Food and beverage being served in a corporate party should align with the main purpose of the event. For example:   

Catering based on guests’ preferences

Successful business negotiation can start with small factors like beautiful and delicious food which can deliver the absolute satisfying impression for clients or business partners. For this reason, hosting a party for important guests should focus on the catering menu that is tailored exclusively to their preferences. In case you don’t know their liking, the menu should be neutral but delicious and made from top-quality ingredients with marvelous garnish that will impress your guests at first sight.

Recommended menu

Cocktail : Light dishes to make conversation flows smoothly

Set of Thai/Chinese/Western dishes : The main dishes will be served plate by plate with excellent service to elevate the dining experience. 

Catering based on suitability

Suitability of venue : Since corporate events can be held in various styles depending on the occasion, IMPACT Catering provides you more than superior food service. Our staff will conduct a site inspection beforehand to advise about food position including an overview of the event to cater to your need. We believe that an event venue can be any place your event is held, regardless of whether it's a staff party of over 1,000 people or a small-sized seminar being held in your company’s meeting room. 

Suitability of time : Serving food and providing service should be done according to the length of time of each event. It affects greatly on making first impression and creating a memorable experience for important guests.

Set meal : A set meal is an ideal option for a party that prefer guests not eating during important moment of the party such as during the chairman’s opening remarks or presenting awards to employees. You can choose the time for food to be served.  

Chinese banquet / Buffet : This option is perfect for a less formal, more relaxed party like an annual party or a festival party that allows guests to enjoy the food throughout the event. If you have well-respected guests, a Chinese banquet would suite best for them. Meanwhile, buffet is perfect for a party that gathers different types of guests as it enables them to choose their preferred choice of food items and enjoy a wide variety of menu options. 

Catering based on theme

Most attendees will look forward to the theme since it is the highlight of the event that they can take part. However, theme is not only limited to a casual party, a formal party can also have its own theme like color theme and dress code, depending on the creativity of the party.

And of course, menu arrangement and decoration should be one of the top priorities for the host. It can create the harmonious atmosphere for the organization to feel in during the dining time. The first step is to choose a theme for the event so food can be arranged to match perfectly with the chosen theme. For example: 

  • Company’s theme color e.g. For IMPACT, it is orange and blue. 
  • Dress code e.g. superhero theme
  • Festival theme e.g. Songkran Festival theme
  • Food theme e.g. Indian food theme

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