Private party

Party is normally held on a special occasion such as birthday party, senior’s farewell party, reunion party, and New Year’s party. The party cannot come out with fun if the host has their hands full with detailed works like preparing the venue, decorations to match the theme, and taking care of food and beverage.

IMPACT Catering acts as your personal assistant whom you can trust with food and beverage so that you and your guests can enjoy the party to the fullest. We are also in charge of decorating the venue and has service staff providing service throughout the party. From preparation steps to keeping food and drinks flowing and cleaning up after the party is over, we have got you covered. 

How is the food provided by IMPACT Catering different from others?

Whether it is a small or big event, food from IMPACT Catering’s kitchen is cooked by our highly-experienced chefs who use fresh organic ingredients that comply with the ISO 22000 standard — the same standard applied to every large-scale event being held at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Our service team is also professionally trained and has extensive experience catering for more than a thousand events of all kinds.

What type of party to choose?

The first thing you have to reflect on if you are planning to host a party is the characteristics of the event and type of attendees which will affect directly on how to choose the right catering style for your event. For example: 

  • Reunion party – A reunion party brings together friends that haven’t met for a long time to catch up on each other's lives and strengthen the bond. So cocktail party is the perfect choice for this type of gathering as it enables guests to walk comfortably throughout the party.  
  • Birthday/New Year’s party - This kind of party is suited for both cocktail and Chinese banquet. For cocktail party, guests will be amazed by gimmick of food and an array of buffet options that they can choose from depending on venue and theme. In the other way around, if you have elders attending the party like a welcome-grand-child party, Chinese banquet is the ideal option. 
  • Retirement party - The highlight of this party should be a retired person who is respected by every guest. Buffet would go best for this kind of party to honor the host and guests. If you want a casual party with friends and families, you can still settle on buffet as well.
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