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Any place can be a wedding venue

Any place can be a wedding venue

Nowadays, a wedding does not have to only take place at a hotel since there are more choices than ever before when it comes to wedding venues. Couples may have their wedding at a stylish studio or host a simple wedding at their home. Some might opt for open spaces like a garden or the beach to escape the traditional four-square room in the city and to create a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. Interestingly, the new generation of brides and grooms prefer getting married at places that really speak their identities with creativity through the wedding. These days, there are many services out there that can cater to couples’ needs, such as supervising the wedding sequence, decorating the venue, preparing the necessary equipment, and providing food and beverage catering service, and service providers always try to come up with the best possible options for couples of every style. 

Coffee Break

Beverages, such as tea, coffee, and cocoa served with desserts and baked goods, are usually prepared for guests during engagement ceremony or water pouring ceremony in the morning. For IMPACT Catering, we offer food stations for breakfast featuring a variety of food options such as boiled rice, porridge, soup and healthy herbal drinks that are suited to serve senior guests and perfectly positioned in Thai style. 

Cocktail Food

Cocktail food is usually served in bite-sized portion that is easy to eat and placed on the dining table, which allows guests to choose their preferred food with an appropriate amount. Another reason why the brides and grooms revel in cocktail party is because of its presentation and tastes that can be adapted to match every theme in order to create the vibrant atmosphere for the event. There is also no limited number of guests because most guests will eat at the cocktail tables or carry a mini plate with them anywhere in the event. 


Buffet is popular for weddings with attendees of every gender and age because it allows guests to choose the food items that they will enjoy and control the amount of food they consume. Above all, brides and grooms can control their budget. IMPACT Catering offers a hundred of Thai, Chinese, and Western buffet items. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee a delicious taste, superior quality and the right amount of food. Even it is for off-site catering, IMPACT chefs will make sure that every guest’s stomach is filled with delicious food.