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Auspicious meal for Wedding Day

There is a saying that the auspicious wedding day is a great start for the couple's marriage. It has been believed that many things can add up on top of love between two people. If the auspicious food is served to the monks or the guests, it would be the biggest blessing for the couple.



·       Dumpling "Kha-nom Jeeb"

Dumpling is one of the auspicious for merit-making. Basically, in Thai the word "Kha nom Jeeb" is Dumpling and The last word, "JEEB" means getting to know each other.  Therefore, by having this dish the couple will reminisce of the day they started to date each other.


·       Stir-fried noodles "Pad Mhi"

The dish is extraordinary because there is a meaning behind each ingredient. It has been believed that the noodle is like the rope that will tie the knot between couples forever. The red color of the noodle means happiness in married life. Last but not least is bean sprouts mean the love and prosperity which will grow from time to time make a successful marriage.


·       Rice noodle with coconut sauce "Khanom Jeen Nam Yah"

In the past, every wedding had this menu as a standard in must-have dish on the Wedding day. The meaning of noodles is the eternity of love between the couples. The bean sprouts mean prosperity in love. The lentils mean a steady and strong relationship.


·       Spicy Minced Pork Salad "Larb"

Even Though this menu has a spicy taste, the same sound of Larb, in other words, means Lucky or to attract wealth along with good fortunes.


·       Steamed Fish Curry in Banana leaves "Hor Mok"

Since the dish is a wrapped steamed food which indicates that the married life will be as tidy as the bun, there won't be any arguments between couples, and they will always give each other support in every life situation.


·       Red Curry Pumpkin “Keang Fak Thong”

The word Fak means the beginning or reborn, and the word Thong means precious item. When we combine the word together, it means a fresh, valuable beginning of this life.


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