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Companys merit ceremony

Company's merit ceremony


One of the most common religious practices among Thai Buddhists is merit making. Making merit for Monk ceremony is something that Thai people prefer to do make merit at home including, at company or office. There are process is not complicated but must be done correctly for prosperity. Therefore, today we will sharing the preparation of importance equipment for the monk ceremony.

How to prepare the place

·         Clean the place and keep things organized

·         Do not set Altar table in a confined space or under the stairs

·         Set event space place and should be nothing over the priest’s head

Equipment for Monk ceremony

·         Altar table

·         Asana

·         The Buddha statue

·         Talipot fan

·         Thaioneer

·         Chancel flowers

·         Spittoon

·         Carpet, mat

·         Set pay respect to the first series

·         Offering

·         Holy water bowl, candle

·         Sacred cord

·         Gold leaf

·         Flowers, incense stick, candle

·         White clay filler

Auspicious menu 

  • Rice noodles
    It’s means success in your job career and responsibilities
  • Clear Soup
    Supposed to work smoothly and everything is running smoothly at your company
  • Pumpkin curry
    It’s means The beginning of something new
  • Deep fried fish meat
    Is believed to bring good luck and supposed to become wealthy

Auspicious Thai Desserts

  • Thong-Yip
    In Thai Thong-Yip literally means to picks up the gold, it is turned to wealth
  • Thong-Yord 
    It’s means rich and never lack money
  • Foi-Thong
    Means the length of the threads represents the long never end of life
  • Thuay-Foo
    Foo in Thai means blooming and thriving
  • Kanom-Chan
    Chan means Layers in Thai. It’s supposed make you progress in your career

If you are searching to have a religious ceremony take place at your own place, we provide full assistance with your meals and required for your religious ceremonies, from the beginning to the end.


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